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9 Week Interactive Bible School


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House of Judah is a non-denominational, multicultural church based in Croydon, Surrey.  Come and see what God is doing through this ministry and receive your testimony!

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New Book

Coming soon from Bishop Michael Hutton-Wood

To Pre-Order your copy or register your interest click the link below

Wednesdays 7pm

Global School Of Wisdom

Weekly Online Teaching program of Facebook and Instagram Hosted by Bishop Michael Hutton-Wood

Every Wednesday @7pm


Warfare Prayer and Praise Service 7pm

Powerful Prayer and Dynamic Worship at House of Judah Every Friday at 7pm.  Weekly Prayer and Fasting from 6am-6pm


Thanksgiving Service 10.30am

Sunday Service Every week at House of Judah with Teaching by Bishop Michael and Pastor Bernice Hutton-Wood

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